How the proxy works for a consumer

First you need to generate a usage code

Next you need to fund your code with ETNC

Once the balance is reflected you can proceeed to use the service by setting your proxy password to the code and your username is a key-value option list

  • session: repeat sessions use same ip | session-crc32(uuid)
  • country: Your exit country, 2 letter code | country-us
  • type: Your ip type, datacenter, residential, mobile | type-residential
  • Note '-' are disallowed inside the value
  • Note default is datacenter mix

Full example

curl --socks5-hostname --proxy-user type-residential-country-us-session-123abc:john_apple_short

Current network costs are

  • syn packet: 0.1 ETNC
  • datacenter: 2,000 ETNC 1GB
  • residential: 60,000 ETNC 1GB
  • mobile: unavailable
  • ETNC-BTC: unavailable

How the proxy works for a provider

First you need to download the GUI wallet

Download GUI Wallet here

Next you need to enable bandwith mining

Once bandwith mining is enabled you just wait and earn your ETNC!